No More Tears

Listening to the radio this morning, I heard Max Lucado talking about heaven. What a great reminder that all of our trouble and sorrow and pain here on earth is temporary. In heaven all of our selfishness and sin and disappointment will go away. Lucado said that Jesus will wipe away every tear from our […]

The Larry Craig Conundrum

Okay, so this isn’t really “a very fun topic” but I had some thoughts about the Larry Craig Situation. There’s really only two perspectives through which to look at this issue: 1) he is telling the truth and his actions were completely misconstrued, or 2) he is lying and the allegations are true. I’ll say […]

It’s Not a Bug! It’s a…

Saw this on Digg: the ultimate programmer’s joke. It’s not a bug… it’s a feature! If I had a bug, I’d invest in the $$ every year to get a personalized plate like this. Very clever…

Cole Does the Crab Crawl

Okay, so he hasn’t figured out how to crawl like a normal kid yet. But what he has figured out gets him around. And it’s turning him into a stiff-necked child.

How To Adapt The Horse and His Boy For Film

I was talking with John a few weeks ago about the remaining Narnia films and how and when they might be made. I had an idea that I wanted to throw out there about HHB. It’s a bit radical, but stay with me and see what you think. After TSC which is a very logical […]