How To Adapt The Horse and His Boy For Film

The Horse and His BoyI was talking with John a few weeks ago about the remaining Narnia films and how and when they might be made. I had an idea that I wanted to throw out there about HHB. It’s a bit radical, but stay with me and see what you think.

After TSC which is a very logical sequal to VDT, there’s a couple routes they could go. To me, it would make the most sense to make TMN independantly of the others since no main characters overlap at all. Plus it doesn’t really flow with any of the other stories. If TSC is Christmas 2010, make TMN Christmas 2011.

That leaves HHB and TLB which take place thousands of years apart from each other but are really closely oriented to each other. HHB introduces the Caloremens who then of course play a major role in TLB. I’d make HHB #6 and then finish off the series with TLB.

So here’s my crazy idea (stay with me here): make HHB and TLB a connected set of stories by chronologically moving HHB away from the midst of the Pevensie monarchy and forward to about 50 years before TLB. This would give the screenwriters a number of ways to really strengthen the story of TLB by connecting more to the series. I think Shasta could be included in the TLB and could bring the troops of Archenland to fight alongside King Tirian and the Narnians. (He could be killed in a great battle for wonderful dramatic effect… there are lots of great screenwriting opportunities here.)

As I think about the story of HHB, there is really nothing that connects it to the post-LWW time period except the appearence of the Pevensies themselves. And think of the opportunity to build the tension between Calormen and Narnia which would set up TLB really well. Sure it would be sad to lose grown-up Peter, Edmund, Lucy, and especially Tumnus but in their place could be maybe Tirian’s father. Maybe a young Tirian could even make an appearance.

I think this would freshen the story of HHB and strengthen the story of TLB.

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