Ron Paul

Ron PaulThere is a lot of buzz about Ron Paul on the Net and around town. In fact a lot of my friends are Ron Paul supporters. I had a general idea that I wasn’t crazy about his stance on some issues, but I wasn’t very solid on it so I decided to research his views and really make up my mind on where I stood on Congressman Ron Paul.

I started at his website and was really impressed with his conservative stance on many of the issues I care about. I was even more impressed with his ideas on minimizing government. I love the idea of abolishing whole branches of the government. Drastically reducing the bureaucracy could only have good results in the long and short terms.

I love the energy that Ron Paul has generated in his supporters and I hope that this energy is not centered around the man but around the idea of smaller government and more freedom.

So I was slowly coming around to the idea that perhaps Ron Paul would be someone that I could support.

And then a few nights ago I turned on the tv and caught some of the Republican debate on FoxNews. I’ll say right now that I wasn’t very excited about any of the candidates. To put it flippantly, McCain is creepy and liberal, Guiliani is great on security and a big lib otherwise, Romney I just can’t trust, and the rest of them are too out of it to really take seriously. Fred Thompson is an entirely different development that I don’t know what to think about yet.

Ron Paul really stood out from the crowd. He seemed angry and resentful to me. He was brandishing his pen like a tiny dagger! His entire demeanor was a real turn-off to me, and I have to think that my reaction will probably be shared by a great many regular American’s who just kind of go along and don’t think about politics that much. I guess you could say he didn’t seem very presidential.

But the content of what he said is what really concerned me. I think that I agree with him conceptually on almost everything except foreign policy. And it turns out that he is a raging isolationist! His rhetoric on the Iraq war is almost identical to the democrats (and incidentally Osama Bin-Laden). He wants to pull our troops from all around the world and stay out of the world community entirely. This is a deal-breaker. I feel that if by some crazy chance he was elected he could do very serious damage to our foreign relations. And pulling out of Iraq right now seems impractical at best and foolhardy at worst.

Probably the most bizarre and worrisome thing that Ron Paul said during the debate was that we should not bother Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (the Iranian crazyman and Hitler wannabe) and hear what he has to say at the end of the year about his nuke program. He completely ruled out going to war with Iran for any reason.

Isolationism is a nice idea in theory but it doesn’t work practically in our modern world. I’m afraid that Ron Paul is too far out to the right to be a wise and safe leader for America. Let’s hope, though, that the exposure he gives to solid conservative ideas will be a boost to the conservative movement in general.

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