Underappreciated Christian Music

Mukala - FictionInfuzeMag posted a really fun article with the first five entries to their list of the top 20 under-appreciated albums in Christian music. It was fun seeing a few names of some of my favorite albums from yesteryear. Here’s my own list of my favorite albums that no one has ever heard of:

Say What – Nuclear Fishin’
It’s rap by two anonymous artists. The music is very fun and they mix in lots of clips from movies. There’s even a whole story track that they made by picking little clips from dozens of famous Christian songs. Probably my favorite track is the old codger that says in his best old-man, “Mah friend, I’m ‘fraid yer in the wroooong place. We don’t sing that kinda music ’round here!” Classic!
Snappy – Hokus Pick (the bonus track is incredible)
Fun, bouncy, great music. If my life were to have a soundtrack I hope that the track Snappy would be on it. “I’m so happy, feelin’ snappy, my life is rosy, I’m feelin’ comfy-cozy!” And the bonus track is great – it’s over ten minutes of the band acting in some classic radio drama, complete with really horrible accents. But hey, these guys are from Canada so can you blame them?

I don’t really have much to say about the rest of these, but if you ever see them for 50¢ at a yard sale, be sure to pick ’em up. It’s great music!

Not Perfect – Church of Rhythm
Eager’s Debut Album
– Mukala
Everybodyduck’s Debut Album
Mayfair Laundry

What are your favorite albums that nobody ever heard of? Let’s hear em…

3 Responses to “Underappreciated Christian Music”

  1. DAVE!! I was loading Mukala into my iTunes the other day and was thinking…I miss that Church of Rhythm album…so I did a little googling and came across your post. Mukala, COR, Hokus Pick, Eager…..
    aahhhh….the good ol’ days of CCM
    remember all those good first albums from Bleach, Grover Levy, Sarah Masen, Christine Glass, The Electrics….there was such a cool, quirky creativity there, even if they were CCM records

    Anyway, I can’t find my copy of that Church of Rhythm records anywhere….been searching for the last 3 years….need to look used online – let me know when you wanna start trading tales of CCM’s yesteryears


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