Five Guys Review

five_guys_logoFive Guys Burgers and Fries just opened a branch in Boise and I decided to give it a try today after Mindi W.’s positive review. Cole and I dropped by on our way to the circus (that’s a whole other story right there!) and I had a burger and shared some fries with the little fella. Here’s my thoughts.

First off, the red and white tiles and simple menu really reminded me of In-N-Out Burger which was incredibly exciting. Being a picky eater I really like the fact that the burgers come plain and that they only put on what you request. I can’t tell you how annoying it is to find that a restaurant or fast food joint has snuck mayonaise or some dreadful condiment like that onto my burger, or even worse, forgotten the cheese. But I digress…

I agree with Mindi that the burger tasted like it came off a backyard grill which is quite a good feature in my book. I really enjoyed it quite a bit. I would go back for the burger.

I wasn’t so crazy about the fries. There certainly were a lot of them, but I just don’t like my fries so thick. I find them hard to eat that way and not as flavorful. Cole and I actually couldn’t finish all the fries and I had to bring some home. Probably wouldn’t go back for the fries.

The deciding factor for me, though, was price. I ordered a little cheeseburger (1/4 lb), a small fry (admittedly a lot of fries), and a drink and the total came to $8.65. That’s a lot of money for eating out at a fast food joint! If I was going to spend that much I’d go to Boise Fry Company (you know, used to be Idaho Fry Company) and get some mind-blowing shoestring fries and an excellent burger. Or Fuddruckers. But normally if I’m going to get some fast food, I’ll aim for something a little cheaper that will deliver comparable quality. Or I might just stop by for their burger which was reasonably priced at around $3.65 (if I remember correctly).

So my conclusion is the same as Mindi’s: it was okay, pretty good, but I won’t be in a hurry to go back unless to introduce someone else.

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