Kanye, Serena, and the Jimmy Carter

Okay, first off, I’d like to say that yes, I am a dreadful blogger. I go months, months at a time without writing a post. So if anyone is actually paying attention to this blog, then they are very persistent. Either that or they just subscribed with RSS. Yeah.

kanye_westOkay, so anyway I just wanted to rant for a very brief moment. This weekend we had a couple vaguely interesting things happen. Kanye West interrupts Taylor Swift at the VMA Awards to promote Beyonce’s video. The incivility of this on his part means that I could never, ever respect him again. Course I didn’t to start with so this isn’t much of a problem for him! This has spawned a somewhat entertaining internet meme.

Serena Williams (the tennis player) had a horrible melt-down and lost her match because of cussing out the line judge. She obvious has an anger problem and had better get it under control. It’s threatening to destroy what has been an incredible career.

I can’t believe what I just heard: Jimmy Carter says that Joe Wilson had a racist tone for yelling “You Lie!” at president Obama. Wow. Sure it was rude, but certainly not as rude or awful as the two things I just mentioned above. I just really take offense at anyone being labeled a racist because they disagree with a black man’s political views. Geesh people. It’s 2009, get over it already.

I think I’ve spent far too much time thinking about this. Back to real life for me.

UPDATE: Two more random, bonus thoughts. Had this pointed out to me on Twitter “RT @kanyewest YO PATRICK SWAYZE I KNOW YOU JUST DIED AND ALL&IMMA LET U FINISH.. BUT MICHAEL JACKSONS DEATH WAS THE BEST ONE THIS YEAR.” Heh heh heh…

And also: I noticed on Digg and the NYT that I’m starting to see a little more balance in terms of right and left commenters. For a while, there’s just been a wave of left-leaning comments that just bury any conservative thought and I think it’s starting to even out. That’s good for everyone.

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  1. While Patrick is in a higher place now I don’t feel anymore pain, currently we are feeling the pain. Really I didn’t know him but only knew he through his work. My condolences out to Lisa his wife who knew him well and was his true soulmate. May god bless you Lisa. You must remember that life is for the living. In death, they rest peacefully watching from above. They do not want us to cry and suffer.

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