The Tragic Tale of Floor Fish

I have a Twitter friend who recently related the sordid tale of a fish rescued from certain death at Walmart. Poor Floor Fish (Flish) was too traumatized by his ordeal, though, and didn’t make it. It struck me that this is rather an epic story and I thought that Flish should be remembered. So I […]

Don’t Buy Stuff You Can’t Afford

Really, it doesn’t take much to achieve financial freedom. SNL puts it pretty aptly:

Global Warming Conference Planners

If I were planning a conference to discuss the effects of global warming (and I wouldn’t since I think it’s all a load of bunk), I certainly wouldn’t plan it in the middle of winter. It seems to me that these conferences are always in the coldest months of the year and that there’s usually […]

Another Jib Jab Video: Obama to Save The Day

Yeah it kinda makes fun of the president, yeah it’s pretty funny. I just like the Jib Jab sense of humor. Most of the time.

John Hodgeman Anoints Obama as the Nerd President

This is a fun watch since I’m interested in politics and also kind of a geek. Not really a fan of the president, but very funny nonetheless.* *I think it’s important to be able to laugh at this kind of thing and save policy differences for their proper place.

New JibJab Video: Election 2008

This is too great to not pass along…. I laughed myself silly!

It’s Not a Bug! It’s a…

Saw this on Digg: the ultimate programmer’s joke. It’s not a bug… it’s a feature! If I had a bug, I’d invest in the $$ every year to get a personalized plate like this. Very clever…