Getting The Vimeo Thumbnail

It’s easy to get the YouTube thumbnail for a video, but Vimeo is a little bit harder. I’ve run into a few situations where I was using PHP and needed to get the thumbnail pulled. Each time I have to go back and reconstruct code that I’ve found from the web. I’ve also run into […]

Using WordPress Comment Meta

UPDATE 8/18/2011: As of WordPress 3.2 there still isn’t any native way to view comment meta in the admin, but I have released a plugin that allows you view the data (no editing/adding yet). Download the plugin here. One of the features in WordPress 2.9 that I was the most excited about was comment meta. […]

My First WordPress Plugin

I just finished up my first WordPress plugin. It’s a little app that uses Google’s caching servers to more reliably post your tweets in the sidebar. You can see how it works on the sidebar of this blog. Here’s the plugin page: And the WordPress Plugin Page:

Fake Emails: A New Spam Technique

I’ve run across a new spam technique which is puzzling me. I’ve started getting bogus signups on some of my newsletter forms for email addresses like,,,, When I send out my newsletter of course these emails bounce back to me and I remove them from the list. In a few […]